About LevelRE
LevelRE's goal is to save consumers $1 Billion in real estate commissions and fees over the next 5 years.

LevelRE is disrupting the real estate industry through advanced technology, decoupling services into a la carte components, and implementing a radically new commission structure. LevelRE is a national licensed Real Estate Broker reaching 90% of the US population. LevelRE charges 1% commission to list and sell your property, and rebates 1% when you buy. It’s advanced technology platform provides real-time offers, instant communications, and automates much of the process of buying and selling real estate. LevelRE is leading the real estate revolution and empowering you to buy smarter, sell faster, and make up to 80% more money.

LevelRE also provides the first "social network" for your home, where you can show everything you've done to enhance your home, document where you've lived in the past, and list your dream home of the future. LevelRE is integrated with Facebook and Twitter so you can share as much or as little with your friends and family as you want.

For agents, LevelRE is changing the listing-side of the business, but we also advocate premium commissions for any agent with a buyer. We support cooperation with independent agents and other agencies. We are committed to optimizing the process so agents can focus on providing the best service to their customers. If you are looking to participate in LevelRE's real estate revolution, please visit our "agents, join us" section for additional information

LevelRE Voices:
Tell us about LevelRE:

“LevelRE was engineered (built) from the ground up to save our customers thousands of dollars on the purchase and sale of real estate. As a seller, you can sell for as little as 1% of the value of your home and as a buyer you can get 1% cashback on the purchase of home. How do we do this? We use technology to enhance the human element, not remove it. That’s why we have a technology platform that was designed to remove all those hidden costs and inefficiencies and introduces real-time communication to the real estate process which means that you are only a moment away from support wherever you are on any device. We are also licensed brokers covering about 90% of the US. At LevelRE our Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal is to save our clients one billion dollars in commissions and fees putting the money back where it belongs – the Consumers’ Pocket. You can learn more, (risk-free) at LevelRE.com. Come check it out!”

Why the name LevelRE?

“At LevelRE we have real estate in our DNA. We use the word “Level” as a metaphor for fairness. Many industries like the travel and financial industries have been reinvented by technology which has saved consumers billions and billions of dollars and we think the real estate industry should do the same. Instead of rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic, at LevelRE we embrace change and have introduced technology innovations like our “One-Click Offer Button” that will fundamentally change the way real estate is bought and sold in this country. If you want to learn more and save a lot of money, come check us out at LevelRE.com.”

Are you just another listing site?

“Absolutely not. LevelRE was born out of the “6% Lie”. What is the 6% Lie? It is the misperception that implies “it only costs you 6% to sell your home!”. That’s actually not true. If you are a typical consumer with a $500k home with a $400 mortgage that means you have $100k of equity and this is key – the bank does not pay the commission on the sale of your home, you do! – so that means you end up paying that so-called 6% commission out of your equity. So when you add it up that commission actually eats up 30% of your profit – we call that the “hidden sticker shock”. We think that’s outrageous and that’s why we have built a process that can help you to sell your home for as little as 1% putting the profit where it belongs – in your pocket! If you want to save thousands of dollars whether you are a buyer or seller come check us out at LevelRE.com.”

GodZilia is going to eat your lunch - how could you possibly have a chance?

“Actually that’s a total misperception – to quote Mark Twain, “It’s like comparing lightning and the lightning bug”. We are in fundamentally different businesses. At LevelRE we are a full-service, real estate broker covering about 90% of the US and we help our clients to sell real estate for as little as 1% of the value of their home and we give buyers up to 1% cash-back on the purchase of their home. Those guys don’t do that, but they do something we think is really important – they have put power into the hands of buyers and sellers when it comes to the discovery process. Today 90% of the search process starts online which means as a seller unlike the old days when you were hostage to your real estate broker, your home can now be found everywhere in real time on any device. So for us they actually help our customer buy and sell their homes more efficiently. So the bottom-line is that if you are a seller who wants to save thousands or a buyer who has found their home and would like to get back up to 1% cash-back, you should check out our site at LevelRE.com.”

How We're Different

LevelRE is an online full-service national real estate brokerage that saves you thousands. But unlike traditional agents, LevelRE only charges for those things you actually need, and we use experience, technology, and the power of the Internet to provide even more savings and value.

It’s about options. You get to decide if you want full service, maximum value, or something in between. LevelRE is your partner regardless of what you decide. We are your personal licensed real estate agent helping you every step of the way.

LevelRE charges 1% commission to sell your home, and you get everything you expect from the best agents. The difference is that we’ll coordinate open houses and showing your house with you, but you’ll actually show it. If you need us to do this for you we can; it is an option available in our a la carte marketplace.

Check out our feature comparisons for buyers, sellers, and even for agents:

 For Buyers: LevelRE RedFin Traditional Agent For Sale By Owner
Licensed real estate agentsYesYesYesNo
Commission rebateYesYes?No
Minimum 1% rebate on full commission transactionsYesNoNoNo
Multi-agent teams for each clientYesYes?No
Real-time communications & multi-property portalYesYesNoNo
Real-time offers, counter-offers, and acceptanceYesNoNoNo
Support for premium, traditional, and for-sale-by-owner business modelsYesNoNoNo
Search multiple sites, including FSBOYesYes?No
Commission incentives for agentsYesNoyesNo
Satisfaction-based agent bonusesYesYes?No
VIP buyer's programYesNo?No
NOTE: "?" means "sometimes"

 For Sellers: LevelRE RedFin Traditional Agent For Sale By Owner
Commission Range1% - 4½%4½%5% - 6%0%
Minimum Commission/Fee$500$4,5005% - 6%$549
Support for unrepresented buyersYesNoNoYes
Savings on a $500,000 property$10k - $25k$7,500$0$25k - $30k
Minimum Fee for MLS Listing$0$0$0$549
No Upfront FeesYesYesYesNo
Licensed Real Estate AgentsYesYesYesNo
Agents incentivised to bring buyersYesYesYesNo
Dedicated Luxury DivisionYesNo?No
A La Carte MarketYesNo?Yes
Social Network for your HomeYesNoNoNo
Control your listing from your smartphoneYesNoNoNo
Real-time accept/counter/reject offersYesNoNoNo
Real-time technology platformYesYes?No
NOTE: "?" means "sometimes"

 For Agents: LevelRE RedFin Traditional Agent For Sale By Owner
Base Salary for AgentsYesYesNoNo
Satisfaction-based Agent bonusesYesYes?No
Commission Incentives for AgentsYesNoYesNo
Split Commission StructureYesNo?No
Uncapped Earnings PotentialYesNoYesNo
Zero Brokerage Fees & ExpensesYesYes?No
Premium Commission Opportunity NotificationYesNo?No
NOTE: "?" means "sometimes"
How LevelRE Works

Buying and selling real estate is arguably one of the most important transactions you handle throughout the course of your life. Few decisions have such a personal, financial, and business impact on you and those around you, which is why the process and the cost can be so stressful.

LevelRE was designed to minimize the stress, put you in control, and maximize your profit.

Let’s start with the concept of a real estate commission. Typically sellers pay an agent 3% to list their properties and help them sell it. They pay an additional 3% to the agent that successfully brings them a buyer, for a total of 6% commission on average.

6% doesn’t sound like much, but consider someone whose house sells for $250,000 and they have an 80% mortgage with a $25,000 second-mortgage. In this case, when all fees are paid, the real estate agents actually net 50% more than the homeowner. If this homeowner had used LevelRE, those numbers would have been reversed.

It is important to note that most agents do work hard to sell your home, or to find you the perfect home to buy. After all, commissions typically are the only way they make money. Agent’s training and experience is invaluable when trying to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions. But, like any other business, agents have expenses and deserve to make a reasonable profit.

One size does not fit all. Is a 6% commission justified if your house sells the day after it's listed? Should you be charged for everything an agent may do for you when in all likelihood you probably don’t need all of those things?

Well, these are some of the very issues that LevelRE strives to resolve. First and foremost, we are licensed realtors with the exact same license that all of the other licensed realtors have. But, we certainly are different.

  • LevelRE uses technology to speed up communications and transaction processing
  • Enhanced communications and automation allow us to substantially reduce costs
  • We further reduce costs by empowering our customers to help with the process
  • We pay our agents a salary and commission so they are always incentivized to help
  • Our marketplace lets customers pay only for what they actually need
  • LevelRE provides a full money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Our customers save a ton of money and receive a better overall experience

This means that sellers can sign-up for free on LevelRE.com, list a property with us, and then we will place the property on the MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com, and a host of other places for free. The seller only pays us a 1% commission when the home sells.

Those are huge savings over conventional agent commissions! We are able to provide these significant savings by helping to minimize costs while maximizing service and options. If a buyer wants to see your house, you will show it to them. If you are unwilling or unable to do that, then we can show it for you for an additional fee where available. Same thing goes with an open house. We can help you set it up yourself, or we can do it all for you – just select the desired option from our online marketplace. Likewise, don’t pay for an expensive professional videographer or other service if you don’t need it. Only pay for the things you really need.

This is not a “do-it-yourself” service. This is a service to maximize the experience of licensed realtors with the efficiencies and cost savings of advanced technology.

For buyers with LevelRE as the agent, we bring the same value proposition leveraging our experience and technology platform. And we save buyers a ton of money as well. LevelRE rebates 1% of the entire purchase price back to the buyer.

Our goal is to improve the overall buying and selling experience for our customers while saving them lots of money and maximizing their real profits.

Even if you prefer the old way of transacting real estate, we urge you to try LevelRE first. There is no cost and nothing to lose. If you are not completely satisfied we will refund any money you spend with us and will help you find the right realtor for you. Please review the legal stuff our lawyers made us put in about the rebate and our guarantee. If you truly do want to sell your house, we promise it really is that straight forward.

Contact Information
LevelRE, Inc.
600 Corporate Drive, Suite 305
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334
800-797-LEVEL (5383)
561-922-7657 fax
Hours of Operation:
  • 9am - 9pm, Monday-Friday
  • 10am - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday
Join the Revolution, Work at LevelRE

LevelRE is disrupting the multi-billion dollar real estate industry using stream-lined processes, advanced technology, and the best customer service available. And best of all, we’re hiring! LevelRE is a venture-backed early stage company with lots of resources and an awesome future. Think you’ve got what it takes to play in this fast-paced world with us? ‘Cause we only whant the best! Check out our currently available jobs:

Customer Service apply

Location: On-site, Fort Lauderdale FL

Our customer service staff is the front-line to providing awesome service to our customers. Applicants must be polite, friendly, have great phone skills, as well as general knowledge of computers and the real estate industry. Must be able to thrive in a startup environment. Base salary plus opportunity for benefits and equity participation.

Inside Sales apply

Location: On-site, Fort Lauderdale FL

You must be able to sell and connect with people who are selling their most precious possession - their home. You must excel at sales over the phone, fronting and closing deals, as well as lead generation. Must possess an entrepreneurial mindset to deal with the crazy startup culture and the self-management skills necessary to grow into something bigger and better. Experience in residential real estate and realtor license a plus. Base salary plus commission and opportunity for additional benefits and equity participation.

Licensed Real Estate Agents

  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Boca Raton, FL
  • Nashville, TN
  • New York, NY
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Nationally

Please visit our agents, join us section for additional information.

Have an interesting idea for a partnership, joint venture, or other intriguing LevelRE transaction? Contact our business development team to discuss: bizdev@levelre.com.
Agents, Join the Revolution!

Interested in being part of the real estate revolution? If you are passionate about real estate and passionate about taking great care of your customers, then we’d love to chat with you. LevelRE is redefining the way real estate is transacted and we recognize and support the agent’s role in this, now and in the future. We invest heavily to acquire listings, strive to provide the best customer experience available anywhere, and bring savings and smiles to homeowners everywhere.

So, ready to join the revolution?

There are four things we want our agents to do:

  1. Represent buyers better than anyone else
  2. Provide expert assistance to our sellers
  3. Tell us how we can make your job better and more efficient
  4. Make lots of money and have a blast!

In exchange, you get:

  • Base salary, not an advance against commissions!
  • Split commission for buy-side transactions
  • Referral fee for listings
  • Free advertising and marketing
  • Free hot leads
  • Free office and business services
  • No charges or fees

As part of your base salary, you will be required to spend a portion of your time providing expert assistance via telephone or video conference to our customers. Those agents that provide exemplary service and assistance will be eligible for additional benefits.

Contact us for additional information: agents@levelre.com

LevelRE's Investors
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Business development: bizdev@levelre.com
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